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Various AVR related bits and pieces...

Zeus AVR Assembler. A PC AVR cross-assembler with an intelligent assembler syntax. Use it to assemble Design Design AVR sources on this website...
This is a work in progress subject to change without notice.
zeusavr.exe   1041KB 30/Jun/2015 (Version 5.5) - windows application. Lots of updates...
zcl_avr.exe   603KB 30/Jun/2015 (Version 5.5) a command line only version. Error messages similar to gcc format. Usage "zavr filename".   1617KB 30/Jun/2015 (Version 5.5) zipped

General AVR equates file
Many of the examples will use this. Note that it's subject to frequent change...
e.asm  90KB 12/Dec/2008 General gumpfh defining the behaviour of some of the AVR family. Those I use, basically.

Example sources
General sources
vibe.asm  23KB 17/Mar/2009 That damned vibrator, what else. New, improved, macro and option-infested source ;)
switchtest.asm   2618 bytes 19/Mar/2009 QAD source showing some graphical options and switch statements.
options.asm   741 bytes 17/Mar/2009 QAD source showing the graphical options.   35KB 27/Mar/2009 A mega128 template, includes debugging back-end source.
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