Various Design Design PCB's

Parts of a mass-spectrometer

12-channel 24-bit ADC (398x298, 45.5 kilobytes)
12-channel 24-bit ADC
4-channel Ion Counter (370x512, 75.6 kilobytes)
4-channel Ion Counter
16 channel -1200V to +1200V PSU (683x512, 140.9 kilobytes)
16 channel -1200V to +1200V PSU
16 channel -1200V to +1200V PSU (683x512, 146.1 kilobytes)
16 channel -1200V to +1200V PSU
20-bit Magnet Controller (655x512, 121.5 kilobytes)
20-bit Magnet Controller
24-bit Magnet Controller (683x512, 96.9 kilobytes)
24-bit Magnet Controller
Magnet Slave (497x512, 96.0 kilobytes)
Magnet Slave
Magnet Slave (683x512, 112.8 kilobytes)
Magnet Slave
PCB Slit controller 2 (683x512, 138.3 kilobytes)
PCB Slit controller 2
MIO-1 (PIC) (722x466, 124.1 kilobytes)
PSU module (420x512, 85.9 kilobytes)
PSU module
Low noise PSU (548x512, 92.5 kilobytes)
Low noise PSU
Backplane (341x512, 65.6 kilobytes)
Parts of a hospital bed control system

Hospital Bed CPU (683x512, 138.7 kilobytes)
Hospital Bed CPU
Another view (683x512, 153.1 kilobytes)
Another view
CPU on a bed (683x512, 123.0 kilobytes)
CPU on a bed
Part of a printing press control system

Detail of SH4 CPU (389x292, 40.6 kilobytes)
Detail of SH4 CPU
SH4 CPU (683x512, 117.7 kilobytes)
Early Design-Design hardware

An old prototype 68030 CPU (683x512, 138.2 kilobytes)
An old prototype 68030 CPU
An old prototype 68030 CPU (683x512, 149.6 kilobytes)
An old prototype 68030 CPU
Early Design Design PCB (683x512, 102.8 kilobytes)
Early Design Design PCB
Early PCB (683x512, 76.4 kilobytes)
Early PCB

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